Permanent Positions

Permanent position – Project Leader (CDI/permanent contract) – Lateral Flow Assay Development (F / M) (ref.: HR-RD-004)

Download: LumediX – Lateral Flow Assay development – HR-RD-004 (F – M)


Internship – Nanochemistry (F / M) (ref.: RH-ST-008)

Download: LumediX – Stage nanochimie – Ref. RH-ST-008

Internship – Establishing a quality management system following the ISO  13485: 2016 reference in an in vitro diagnostics start-up (F /M) (ref.: RH-ST-006)

Download: LumediX – Stage SMQ – RH-ST-006

Internship – Development of an innovative biophotonic medical device for the field of in vitro diagnostics (F /M) (ref.: RH-ST-010)

Download: LumediX – Stage Instrumentation Optique – Ref. RH-ST-010

Internship – Image analysis and algorithm development  (F /M) (ref.: RH-ST-009)

Download: LumediX – Stage Traitement des Images – Ref. RH-ST-009

Internship – Lateral Flow Assay Development  (F /M) (ref.: RH-ST-007)

Download: LumediX – Stage développement Lateral Flow Assay – RH-ST-007

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